Quick Connect has:

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Some of Quick Connect’s features

All of our audio services are easy to use, crystal clear, and 100% reliable. With GAN Conferencing you’ll never get hit with hidden charges, set up, or cancellation fees. There are never any minimum or no-show fees, you only pay for what you use and as with all of our services you’ll get ongoing support from our award winning team of specialists.

Quick Connect is our unassisted audio conferencing suite.

You can start a password protected conference with three to 250 participants with no reservation from anywhere at anytime.

During that conference you will have touch tone commands to start recordings, mute and unmute all of your participants and much more. If you would like even more control you can use our convenient web interface, Live Conference Viewer, to exercise control over individual lines from your computer, iPad, or Android tablet.

Quick Connect also gives you a full suite of tools to manage your account passcodes, how much control your participants have, and many other settings for the account.

Unlike other service providers GAN Conferencing will record and store your conference for free.

Immediately after your conference you can download a digital copy of your recording for your own archive or distribution or provide a playback number where your participants can dial in and listen to the passcode protected recording over the phone.

All audio conferencing accounts get access to our web based conference management software, Live Conference Viewer.

Live Conference viewer allows you to view the phone number of each participant who has joined your call, mute and unmute individual lines, or the entire conference.

You can also, start recordings, see who is actively speaking, change and more.

The GAN Conferencing Portal allows you to fully manage your audio conferencing account. In the portal you can create new host and participant passcodes for your employees or disable codes that are no longer needed.

Furthermore, you can choose what is heard when participants enter the conference and make security enhancements to your conferencing codes.

Your conference needs will change depending on the size of your audience and what you are communicating. GAN Conferencing can tailor your conferencing codes with the right options for your meeting.

Your conference can be set to announce the entry and exit of participants with a name, a chime, or not announce them at all. When your participants enter the conference, they may enter muted, unmuted, and with or without control of that status.

With GAN Conferencing you will not have to wait a day or more for conference information to appear in your reports. You will have the details of your conference call as soon as the call ends.

You can associate special values such as project or department codes with individual conferences and that information will appear in your invoicing and reports.

Moreover, reports can be automatically e-mailed to addresses you specify at any interval you wish

“We use Quick Connect (reservationless) service on a daily basis and have found their technology to be very reliable… In regards to their customer service, we found that they have responded quickly to our questions and supported unique requests…”
— Colleen Hulls University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Some of GAN Conferencing’s advantages

See how we can make a difference in your business.  Let us help you increase efficiency and decrease expenses.  We help make all of your communication and network security needs easy to manage and control.

Fully Managed

From day one, we will help you with every aspect of your account. Our team will make sure you get the most out of your new services.

Friendly Service

We are here to make your life easier. Over the past ten years we have built our reputation on providing oustanding service .

Tailored to You

We know that your business is unique. So our objective is to get to know you and then help you improve your communication and security.

Targeting Success

Our focus is to help your business become more efficient while also helping you cut costs. We will work hand in hand with you all the way.