Radio Tours have:

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Some of our Radio Tour Service's features

All of our audio services are easy to use, crystal clear, and 100% reliable. With GAN Conferencing you’ll never get hit with hidden charges, set up, or cancellation fees. There are never any minimum or no-show fees, you only pay for what you use and as with all of our services you’ll get ongoing support from our award winning team of specialists.

Our Radio Tour Services are predicated on great customer service.

Our experienced operators will take care of you from start to finish. From the time you book your call until the time you have your recording, you will interact with one operator to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Our operators will get all of your interviews set up before the previous one ends so you can transition seamlessly between them.

After your call we will provide you with an edited recording that can even be sepearted into multiple files for each interview that you did.

We don't consider our service a success unless you come away feeling like it was the best radio tour experience you have ever had.

Our operators have handled hundreds of radio tours so you can be sure yours will run smoothly.

All of our operators have had weeks of training before they lead a live call. This allows them to have a large knowledge base before they ever lead a call.

We also make sure that from the time you book your call until when the recording is in your hands, you are always dealing with the same operator so nothing gets lost in translation.

Included in the price of the service is a fully edited recording that will be provided to you after the call.

We can even seperate the recording into individual parts for each interview that you do.

We also offer recording production services such as ANRs and commercial audio.

We utilize the latest in conferencing technology so that you can be sure your call is crystal clear.

We also will gladly arrange a call between you and your operator ahead of time to ensure everything is done the way you want it.

Our end goal is to make sure that your tour happens flawlessly and that you are completely satisfied with our service.

When it comes time to book your call, we will get a response to you quickly so you can rest easy.

One operator will handle your call from start to finish.

We would be happy to have a call to introduce you to that operator so you can be comfortable before your call starts.

Our team will also reach out to make sure you were satisfied with how your tour went and to see if there is anything else we can help you with.

Our services don't require you to sign a contract, just a rate agreement so both parties acknowledge what the bill is for.

This means there are no hidden fees or minimums that you have to hit. You only pay for the time that you use the service.

The end result is that your invoices become easy to predict and budget for.

“Your operator was a joy to work with. It was a great experience - I couldn't have asked for more”
— Linda Oken ( Satellite Media Grp )

Some of GAN Conferencing’s advantages

See how we can make a difference in your business.  Let us help you increase efficiency and decrease expenses.  We help make all of your communication and network security needs easy to manage and control.

Fully Managed

From day one, we will help you with every aspect of your account. Our team will make sure you get the most out of your new services.

Friendly Service

We are here to make your life easier. Over the past ten years we have built our reputation on providing oustanding service .

Tailored to You

We know that your business is unique. So our objective is to get to know you and then help you improve your communication and security.

Targeting Success

Our focus is to help your business become more efficient while also helping you cut costs. We will work hand in hand with you all the way.