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Why choose GAN Conferencing security?

All of our security products are easy to manage, cost effective, and state of the art. With GAN Conferencing you’ll protect your business from unwanted intruders or other natural threats. Our system can be installed either as a complete set or in pieces so you can customize it to fit your needs. It is also easily scalable so that it can grow with your business.

Our security products are designed to work either piecemeal or as a complete sytem to keep your building safe.

We have both indoor and outdoor cameras so you will be covered no matter where you need them.

Our Access Control Systems provide you with an easy to use way to keep all of your doors secure.

Alarm Systems are one of the best ways to keep the people in your building safe, not only can they alert you of intruders, but they can also alert you of fires or hazardous gases.

The analytics that our security system can provide can be leveraged as a great resource for your business. THey allow you to easily track employee movement so you can optimize day to day tasks.

Our state of the art security cameras allow you to see everything that goes on in and around your buildings. This way you can be alerted of an intruder before they even enter your facility

We offer both indoor and outdoor cameras equipped with everything from license plate recognition to infrared technology. We even offer ultra HD 4K video.

Access Control Systems allow your business to easily keep people out of rooms that they do not belong in. It is also a great way to account for employees during an evacuation

We offer a wide variety of access control systems including biometric, card based, key based, and code based systems. This gives your business the flexibility it needs to keep every door covered, without going over budget.

Alarm systems are the first response that you will see if someone breaks into your facility. A state of the art system will let you know where someone broke in and when. However, this isn't all that alrm systems can do, they can also detect when a fire has started, if there are too many hazardous gases in the air, or if any doors are open.

Our cameras, alarms, and access control systems can all be combined to provide your company with a ton of advanced analytics that you can use to become more efficient.

These analytics can shape how you organize your facility, what tasks you give to certain emplyees, and how many employees you need in each shift. They also allow you to easily see where in your facility your emplyees are at any given time.

We offer Free Security Consultations to businesses, just to make sure all of their equipment is up to date and they are as protected as they can be.

These consultations are a great way for you to see if your business needs a new security system or if your current security sytem has blind spots that can leave you vulnerable.

“The high image clarity and ease of video retrieval from our new system has enabled us to successfully identify perpetrators, reduce campus crime and make our students feel safer”
— Bob Wachowski ( DePaul University )

Some of GAN Conferencing’s advantages

See how we can make a difference in your business.  Let us help you increase efficiency and decrease expenses.  We help make all of your communication and network security needs easy to manage and control.

Fully Managed

From day one, we will help you with every aspect of your account. Our team will make sure you get the most out of your new services.

Friendly Service

We are here to make your life easier. Over the past ten years we have built our reputation on providing oustanding service .

Tailored to You

We know that your business is unique. So our objective is to get to know you and then help you improve your communication and security.

Targeting Success

Our focus is to help your business become more efficient while also helping you cut costs. We will work hand in hand with you all the way.